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5 looks to take you into Spring...

Written by Natalie Watt


Posted on October 02 2019

Sun, sun glorious sun! Spring has sprung, and it’s the sort of weather that has me wanting to get out and about.  
It can be a bit uneasy making the switch from covered up winter attire to revealing the pastiness beneath, as we begin to shed our layers of clothing to suit the warmer weather.  That’s what I love about Spring.  You can still cling to the comfort of your denim jeans, always have jackets on hand and slowly make the transformation from cocoon to butterfly.
To help you make your seasonal transformation, I have put together 5 looks to take you effortlessly into Spring.
Firstly, I have no affiliation with any of the labels that are mentioned, I just want to share with you a few of my favourite things.  So come and jump down the rabbit hole, and check out my Spring looks.


I must admit, I am an advocate for the monochrome look.  Anyone who has seen my lounge room will attest to that. The best way to pull off this look is to complement the boldness of colour by adding subtle hints of contrast.
Start with a wardrobe staple: a classic white shirt.  I’m sure you all have a much-loved white tee or crisp shirt in your closet already.  Use it!  You can knot the hem of your tee or shirt, or tuck it in.  For long sleeve shirts, just roll up the cuffs and you’re good to go.
Team it with a black skirt or pants for the bold contrast look. 
These rose frames by Bailey Nelson really soften the look.  The gold trimming on the frames marry nicely with the gold necklace by LuvAj.  These subtle hints of gold really help to elevate this look.  Keeping a casual vibe but not loosing any form of sophistication, I’ve paired this outfit with a pair of black leather Balenciaga slides and a leather tote by Status Anxiety.
To finish off the look add a pop of colour – especially on the lips!  Choose your own shade, but my long-standing favourite is Chanel’s Excetrique #96.  For me, it’s the perfect shade of red.

This is such an effortless look.  The Ana dress, which is made from 100% natural silk, gives this look a sense of relaxed luxury.

Teamed with a light wash denim crop jacket from Eckhaus Latta, shades from Soda, and tan leather slides.

What really sets this outfit off is the tonal softness of the Bangle Set  from   and the earthy Spring/Summer feels of the straw Ester Oroton Bag.






The white jean, can be contentious garb in the fashion realm, but when the sun comes out, how can one resist? 

My ‘top tip’ is that going up a size in white denim tends to offer a more forgiving and flattering look.  The freshness of the white denim compliments our Porto Print Amolina tank, don’t you think? 

Picking out some of the colours in the print for accessories rounds out this Spring-ready look.  Find an orange lippy hue to suit your skin tone, and one that’s also tonal to the orange poppies in the print.  Personally I favour, Neon Orange from  

To complement the blues, I’ve selected these fine Barton Perrier navy and gold frames. 

Don’t overdo the gold.  Simple jewelry like this gold charm bangle from Wanderlust+Co is just right. 

To finish off the outfit, try going with a pair of clean tan heels like these tan beauties from Jo Mercer, and matching tan bag by Status Anxiety.  I especially like how the knots on the bag lend to an understated nautical knotted rope. 




Keep it simple!  Sometimes less is more.  It’s amazing how a simple cami, can look really sharp when paired with all the right accessories.

I’m always partial to a pair of darker wash denim jeans like these from Karen Millen, especially if you’re like me and weren’t born with model-esque pins. 

Tuck our Basal black silk cami into your jeans and finish off with a nice leather belt – this one’s from   - and a pair of black suede pumps like these from  .

As Spring can sometimes still bring on the cooler nights, take this outfit from day to night with a jacket.  Instead of reaching for your staple black coat, try lightening the mood with a light grey coat, or even a cardigan.  It really lifts the mood of the black which suits the transition from Winter to Spring.

Finish it off with these très cool shades from Quay





Travelling? Travelling to me means exploring vast cities, and as a result, a lot of walking.  So, it’s imperative to me that my feet stay happy.  A key wardrobe essential is nice, clean pair of white kicks.  Don’t even try to pull this look off with a shabby, worn pair.  It’s clean and white or it’s nothing! 

The  Anais dress, is not body hugging, but rather body skimming, so it’s a really comfortable and flattering dress to wear all day.  Best of all, a quick change of footwear, will keep you going well into cocktail hour. 

The beauty about starting your fashion canvas off with a plain bold purple colour, is that you have the ability to really play it up with accessories.  Check out this unique African printed head scarfe.   These head wraps are so beautiful and such good quality: check them out at African Fabrics Australia.

Complete the look with a nice pair of Quay sunnies and a good size bag, like this light blue State of Escape bag.  You’ll need it to hold your phone or camera, water, souvenirs and the like.

Even if you’re not off travelling, it’s a good ensemble if you have a few miles to cover in a day.