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About Basal

‘Designed with timeless versatility in mind, our pieces are the base to elevating your wardrobe and will transcend seasons and occasions.’

Each piece is designed with classic enduring style, made with impeccable quality and imparts affordable and discerning luxury.

‘Basal’ by definition is forming or belonging to an initial base layer: a beautiful canvas upon which to build. This very concept embodies and inspires our aesthetic of simple and uncomplicated base pieces that every wardrobe must have.

 With a commitment to ethical manufacturing, excellence in quality fabric, workmanship, fit and design, each of our pieces is crafted from beautifully washed silks in expressive tones and unique prints. 

Our universal, elegant and classic styles are inspired by designer and founder Natalie’s diverse and vibrant travels and design experience.

We take pride in designing and crafting timeless pieces, which can be worn effortlessly for years rather than seasons. 

Basal the Label is the foundation to your wardrobe.