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As seen in Vogue
- November 2019 -
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- October 2019 -
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 Introducing Basal – Australia’s newest “must-have” fashion label

Meet the newest entrant on to the Australian fashion scene –  Basal the Label!

Designer and founder Natalie Watt launched Basal the Label in Adelaide, Australia in 2018 after she returned home from living abroad for a number of years.  Drawing on her extensive international experience in the fashion industry, Natalie’s long held passion for design and fashion has come full circle in this exciting and versatile fashion range. 

 As long as she can remember Natalie has been inspired by the world of fashion – from designing costumes at an early age, to gaining formal design qualifications as a young adult, and then as her career took shape to working with George and Harry at the iconic fashion label George Gross and Harry Who.

 Having spent over a decade growing a successful fashion manufacturing business with her husband, Rob, in Hong Kong, Natalie has returned home to Australia, and to her creative origins, launching her own label – Basal. 

 Natalie is passionate about combining her extensive industry knowledge and elegant creativity in Basal, while balancing her fashion career with her lifestyle and young family, sons Oliver and Hugo, and much adored fur baby Nala. 

Natalie’s vibrant life and passion for travel is reflected in her unique and effortless designs and in every aspect of Basal the Label.


About Basal

 Each Basal piece is designed with classic enduring style, made with impeccable quality and imparts affordable and discerning luxury.

Natalie says, ‘Designed with timeless versatility in mind, our pieces are the base to elevating your wardrobe and will transcend seasons and occasions.’

With a commitment to ethical manufacturing, excellence in quality fabric, workmanship, fit and design, each Basal piece is crafted from beautifully washed silks in expressive tones and unique prints. 

 Natalie explains, ‘‘Basal’ by definition is forming or belonging to an initial base layer: a beautiful canvas upon which to build. This very concept embodies and inspires our aesthetic of simple and uncomplicated base pieces that every wardrobe must have.’

 The labels’ universal, elegant and classic styles are inspired by designer and founder Natalie’s diverse and vibrant travels and design experience. Great care and pride is taken in designing and crafting timeless pieces, which can be worn effortlessly for years rather than seasons making Basal the Label the foundation to your wardrobe.

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